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2008-01-02 22:40:04 by RockAndRollGenie

So here's the deal. I am making a challenge, to the first person who replies that wants to. The challenge is to make a song. The conditions are as follows
1. The song must be original
2. The song must be recorded on live instruments, with the exception of drums, those can be midi
3. The song must have not been recorded prior to the beginning of this challenge
4. The song will be uploaded one week after the challenge begins, or else it is forfeit
5. Both myself and whoever accepts this challenge must confirm with eachother the beginning of the challenge

The song can contain any instrument, lyrics or instrumental, and can pretty much do whatever you want. It's your song, and I hope you'll write your best stuff. After three days of voting, (you can vote for your own song) the person with the higher score wins.

This isn't a test of songwriting or anything like that. I'm hoping someone will accept this challenge as more of a challenge to themselves and their own songwriting ability rather than against someone else. That's how I see it anyway, I just want some insentive to get some recording done, and I'd like to see some talented musicians.

Anyway, good luck.


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